Black Belt Camp 2012


On Friday afternoon 7th September Yudansha from Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Dojos began arriving at Pilliga Pottery / Barkala Farmstay for our annual Black Belt Camp, with participants having driven up to 13 hours to get there. A few selected brown and green belts also attended for the experience.

Friday night was a night for catching up with all our Koshinkai friends and enjoying the traditional kangaroo goulash dinner and a few red wines before catching up on some sleep for the weekend.

Saturday commenced with a brisk daybreak walk and bo basics session, it was minus 2.5C and enjoyable. This was followed by Gorin no Kumibo (2 person bo kumite) before breakfast. Lashings of bacon and eggs, freshly baked bread, freshly brewed coffee and juice provided fuel for the busy day ahead.

Following breakfast, everybody happily participated in the Renzoku Kansetsu Waza and Rezoku Shime Waza drills (joint lock and strangulation flow drills, also known as the A-to-Z of Pain), more kumibo and Kata Sankakutobi. After lunch, we enjoyed three special sessions with our old friend and special guest, Shihan Phil Hinshelwood from Yagyu Shingan Ryu.

Shihan Phil is the first and most senior exponent of Yagyu Shingan Ryu outside of Japan and is among the most senior world wide exponents of this traditional art that has a 400 year history. He commenced his Juijitsu training in 1971 and met and commenced training with Shimazu Kenji (Chikuosha) of Yagyu Shinzen Ryu in 1988. Shihan Phil is also a member of the New South Wales Police force (since 1982) and has variously been involved with Special Weapons and Operations.

Shihan Phil explained the history then progressed to explanation of the various facets of his art before leading us all in basic techniques and bunkai for our Gokyoku no Ken katana kata.

Following Shihan Phil’s highly informative sessions, we adjourned to the warmth for the presentation of the Koshinkai Black Belt of the Year award which was split this year into a joint award between Tasshi Marnie Roberts from Kennankai in Melbourne and Sensei Leanne Sippel of Kazoku in Murgon.

Both revipients trained in the early days of Shorinjiryu in Australia then had extended breaks before returning at the same time several years ago. They both have very successful Dojos, both successfully competed recently in the Oceania Koshiki Championships and are worthy winners of this prestigious award. Congratulation to both.

At the awards ceremony, Renshi Graham Bowden was admitted to the Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Advisory Council and we look forward to his valued input well into the future. The Senior Advisory Council consists of selected Australian Kodansha (senior Yudansha of 5th Dan and above) and Hanshi Myron Lubitsch from the Shorinjiryu Shinzen Kyokai. Their advice to the joint Chief Instructors, Kyoshi Jim Griffin, and Shihan Max Estens is invaluable.

Perfect completion of the first day saw wood fire pizza and a few red wines followed but eagerly awaited sleep in preparation for Sunday.

Sunday commenced with daybreak Kata Wankan in relatively heatwave conditions of 0C followed by more Gorin no Kumibo, more Kata Sankakutobi, more A to Z of joint locks and strangulation followed by an informal afternoon Instructors only session which was also well received.

In addition to the great sessions by Phil Hinshelwood Shihan, the instruction for the weekend was variously performed by Jim Griffin Kyoshi, Max Estens Shihan, Des Paroz Shihan and Lesley Griffin Shihan, with assistance from Graham Bowden Renshi.

This was a fitting last official function of our 35th Anniversary year, a great year for Shorinjiryu Koshinkai.

See you all next year.


Strong Koshinkai Performance at WKKF Oceania Cup

On the weekend of 9–10 June, instructors and members of Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo gathered at the Gold Coast to participate in the World Koshiki Karate-do Federation’s Oceania Cup and seminars with WKKF Founder, So Shihan Masayuki Hisataka.

WomensKata TasshiMarnieSochin

Koshinkai members participating included chief instructors Kyoshi Jim Griffin and Shihan Max Estens, Senior Instructors Shihan Des Paroz and Renshi Graeme Bowden, Instructors Tasshi Tony Fletcher, Tasshi Marnie Roberts, Sensei Mark Slingo and Sensei Leanne Sippel, and other members from Brisbane, Coonabarabran and Melbourne Dojos.

On the Saturday, So Shihan Hisataka conducted a seminar that covered the WKKF approach to Bunkai Kumite, studying some bunkai applications from the kata Bassai. These looked at applications based on Juho (soft techniques), Goho (hard techniques) and Bukiho (weapons techniques). Following a break, some bogu kumite drills were covered, and the seminar concluded with a review of Koshiki competition refereeing and judging.


The WKKF Oceania Cup tournament was on the Sunday, and Koshinkai members displayed a high level of courtesy, comraderie and technical skill. Our contingent did very well, with outstanding participation as follows:
- Deji Balogun: strong performance in both kata and shiai
- James Bowden: 1st place in kata and 3rd place in shiai
- Amanda Bugden: strong performance in both kata and kumite
- Jed Dunmore: 2nd place in shiai and strong performance in kata
- Leesa Dunmore: 3rd place in shiai and strong performance in kata
- Olivia Grech: 3rd place in kata, and strong performance in shiai
- Dean McKernan: 3rd Place in shiai, and strong performance in kata
- Marnie Roberts: 1st place and 2nd place performances in kata (2 divisions)
- Leanne Sippel: 2nd place and 3rd place performances in kata (2 divisions)

With participants from Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Italy and Samoa, as well as from around Australia, we can all be proud of the strong performance of our Koshinkai contingent.

Having been formed in 2011, Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Australia is based on a tradition built on 35 years of Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo, 65 years of the Shorinjiryu Karatedo of Kaiso Kori Hisataka and centuries of Okinawan karate. With this foundation, we are proud to practice a classical art whilst participating strongly in modern sporting karate systems such as Koshiki Karatedo. In this way, we balance the old and the new…


65 Years of Shorinjiryu Karatedo

Today, 10 June, marks the 65th anniversary of the formal founding of the Shorinjiryu Karatedo lineage of Kaiso Kori Hisataka (1907-1988).

On 10 June, 1947, Kaiso Hisataka established the his original Kenkokan Dojo of Shorinjiryu Karatedo on the island of Kyushu, Japan. He later moved his Kenkokan Dojo to Tokyo, Japan.

Of course, this is the date of official inception, but the Shorinjiryu style was obviously in development for a long time before that. In fact, the term Shorinjiryu is the Japanese pronunciation of the Okinawan term Sukunaihayashi, which was used by Master Chotoku Kyan (1870-1945), the principle teacher of Kaiso Hisataka.

With 2012 marking the 65th anniversary of the formal founding of Shorinjiryu style of Kaiso Hisataka, the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo, and the 1st anniversary of the founding of the Koshinkai school of Shorinjiryu Karatedo, it is a good time to reflect on the past as we continue to develop a strong future. This truly reflects our motto of On Ko Chi Shin ("Examine the Past to Discover the New")


SE Queensland Training Day

Karateka from across Queensland converged at Kazoku Dojo in Murgon to take part in the Winter 2012 SEQ Training and Grading Day on 3 June.  Rain from the previous day and night kept the temperature at a beautiful level for training.
Sensei Leanne Sippel was honoured to welcome Kyoshi Jim Griffin and Shihan Lesley Griffin from Seiryukan Dojo at Bribie Island, Tasshi Tony Fletcher from Shishikai Dojo at Gladstone, Sensei Mark Slingo from Kensuikan Dojo at Rockhampton, Sempai Ben Oliphant from Shishijuku Dojo at Coorparoo along with their students.
After the bow-in and welcome, the karateka were split into three groups with the white belts (who ranged in age from 5 to 9 years) learning Kata Naihanchin Sho and Naihanchin Sho Waza from Sensei Anne Kratzmann and Sempai Ben.  The second group was taught Kata Sanchin by Kyoshi Jim while Shihan Lesley taught Naihanchin Waza to Sensei Leanne.
Demonstrations by the white belts of the recently learnt kata and kumite followed.  Kyoshi Jim then personally congratulated each child, after which all except the older karateka bowed out.  Demonstrations of Kata Sanchin by group two and Naihanchin Waza by Shihan Lesley and Sensei Leanne were then conducted.
The second session saw Kyoshi Jim lead the group through fighting techniques with the assistance of Tasshi Tony.
The basics of mawari kata along with learning awareness of opportune times of attack were demonstrated, ending in sparring with partners.
In the third session, Kyoshi Jim worked through Ufuchiku no Jo with Sensei Leanne, while Tasshi Tony led the rest of the group through Kata Nijushiho.  Demonstrations of both kata preceded a short lunch break.
The grading commenced at 1pm with six students from Kazoku Dojo demonstrating kihon waza, kata, kumite and gokyo.  With all six aged 11 or under, it was a commendable performance for this young group.
The day wrapped up with presentations of certificates and belts before all participants packed their gear and began the, for some, long journey home.
All in all, a wonderful day of shared learning with our Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Australia ‘family’

April 2012 Yudansha Promotions

At the National Training Camp on the weekend of 20–22 April, a number of Yudansha and Kodansha tests and presentations were conducted in front of a panel consisting of Hanshi Myron Lubitsch (President of the International Shorinjiryu Shinzen Kyokai, and Shorinjiryu Koshinkai advisory council member), Shihan Jim Griffin (Joint Chief Instructor, Shorinjiryu Koshinkai), Shihan Jeffrey Henderson (Chief Instructor, International Budo Institute) and Shihan Troy Lester (Shorinjiryu Kenryukan).

As a result, the following promotions were confirmed:

  • Max Estens, 7th Dan Shihan
  • Des Paroz, 6th Dan Shihan
  • Lesley Griffin, 6th Dan Shihan
  • Graeme Bowden, 5th Dan Renshi
  • Marnie Roberts, 4th Dan Tasshi
  • Amanda Bugden, 3rd Dan
  • Adrian Cepak, 2nd Dan

In addition, four people tested for Shodan Ho, and were presented with their probational black belts, as follows:

  • Clinton Andrews
  • Dee Foster
  • Chrissy Hanley
  • Ben Oliphant

These four individuals will continue to consolidate and prepare for their promotion to Shodan in 12 months time.

Following the presentations of the above, Hanshi Lubitsch made the surprise announcement granting the title Kyoshi to Shihan Jim Griffin.

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