Jenny Pulsford - Personal Achievement

Jenny Pulsford, from Bribie's Sei Ryu Kan Dojo has done a great job of improving her fitness over the past months. Jenny has put in long painful hours in her kayak and recently competed in her first Kayak race at Coffs Harbour.

She earned 1st place in the 9 km "Young Vets Womens Unrestricted class" in a time of 1 hour 1 min.

Congratulations Jenny.




Black and Brown belt members from the Qld Dojo of Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo attended the BB Training Clinic on Sat 29th Aug. Sensei Leanne with Sensei Anne plus Courtney and Teagan travelled from Murgon, Sensei Mark from Rocky and Tasshi Tony with Terry from Brisbane, joined Kyoshi Jim and Leisa on Bribie Island for the clinic. It was especially great that Shihan Des was able to fly down from Darwin where he has just settled after a fantastic world wide voyage aboard one of her majesties naval vessels.

The day kicked off with a detailed session on kata Nijushiho no Sai. Kyoshi Jim took one group while Shihan Des took the other group reviewing and discussing the technical aspects of the kata. Of course rivalries in our competitive nature came to the fore as the session finished with a “sai off” with each group demonstrating the kata to see who performed the best. Let’s say it was a draw.

After a quick break, Shihan Des introduced the first of many new self defence techniques derived from kata Bassai. These were new to the group having been developed by Shihan Des and were warmly received and added another positive element to the training.

Kyoshi Jim took the group for Ufuchiku no Jo being a nice change to the Kudaka no Jo kata we have been doing regularly. Shihan Des gave some technical pointers and also helped the group to gain some “air" on the turns in the kata. A really enjoyable Jo kata session.

More self defence techniques from Bassai followed with Shihan Des before we tackled Sai Bo Kumite which certainly made the brain cells work. The Sai Bo kumite is always a joy to do and seeing the smiles all round confirmed this as everyone definitely threw themselves into it, shining as they demonstrated at the end of the session.

Shishiryu no Bo then took centre stage as Kyoshi Jim and Shihan Des put everyone through their paces. Again the technical aspects were highlighted as the group strove to better themselves. Rounding off the day, Shihan Des went through more of the self defence techniques bringing more smiles to everyone and also gave Teagan and Courtney a chance to shine as they showed us a sample of their self defence technique to the group for this session.

All in all a great day of training covering a range of weapons, self defence applications and a sharing of knowledge. A shout out to our interstate Koshinkai family, we missed you but you were there in spirit. As always, a thank you to the Instructors, the people for travelling the big distances and, a special thank you to Shihan Des for flying down from Darwin after not only recently arriving back in Australia but also having just landed in Darwin only a few days ago.

Take care all and prepare for our National Camp in April 2016. It is going to be a big one.




Koshinkai Qld Clinic June 2015

Today members from the Koshinkai Qld dojo held their mid year training clinic on Bribie Island. Students from Sensei Mark Slingo's dojo in Rockhampton, Sensei Leanne Sippel's from Murgon and Tasshi Tony Fletcher's from Sth Brisbane joined Kyoshi Jim Griffin's Bribie Island students for a day of training, grading and camaraderie.

Etiquette and Kihon waza were covered followed by in-depth sessions on kata focusing on the technical aspect as well as technique. Kata Demonstrations preceded further sessions on Naihanchin sho waza and Wankan waza.

Kyoshi Jim took the senior group for a lession on Ufuchiku no jo while others reviewed the mornings work as others prepared for their grading.

We congratulate Courtney Sippel on her successful promotion to 1st Kyu, Mickey Shi on his 6th Kyu and Ash AmirShahi on his 8th Kyu. 

Well done to you all.




Friday 17th, Sat 18th and Sund 19th April 2015, saw the members of Shornjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo gather on Bribie Island Queensland for the 2015 National Training Camp (Gasshuku 合宿)

This year saw attendance of members from Kennankai (Melbourne), Kensuukan (Coonabarabran), Kengokan (Sydney/Newcastle), Blue Mountains dojo, Shishikan (Sth Brisbane), Kazoku (Murgon), Kensuikan (Rockhampton) and Seiryukan (Bribie Island). Collectively, our members travelled 10,500km round trip to attend the camp, showing their true dedication and support of our Koshinkai School. A credit to them all and much appreciated not only by the seniors, but by us all. Thank you everyone, you make these camps worthwhile.

We officially welcomed our new members from the Blue Mountains in NSW to their first National Training Camp. The dojo Instructor Sensei Travis Foss along with Sensei Jaren Foss, travelled to Bribie Island with other members of their dojo. They were warmly welcomed and integrated well into the training and activities for the weekend. It was great to see them there.

We make special mention that Shihan Des Paroz our President and Instructor of the Kengokan Dojo, is currently serving in the Australian Naval Reserve. Lieutenant Paroz, RNR, is serving aboard HMAS Anzac and sailing to Anzac Cove for the commemoration of the Gallipoli landings 100 years ago. While Shihan Paroz is not physically with us this year, he has sent messages of recognition and support and as Kyoshi Jim stated, Shihan Paroz is here with us in spirit

Our camp kicked off on Friday with the senior members (Brown and Black belts) working through Buki-ho with Kyoshi Jim taking the class on sword training and performing Gokyoku no Ken. Shihan Max followed on with Nijushiho no Sai and sessions on Kudaka no Jo, Gorin no Bo and Shishiryu no Bo followed, rounding out the days weapons training. The afternoon finished off with the Koshinkai Fitness test undertaken by those Yudansha grading at this camp. Other members also joined in, completing either the 5km walk lead by Kyoshi Jim with Shihan Max overseeing those completing the beep test with everyone doing the required sit-ups and push ups

Early on the Friday evening, the Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo Assoc (ASKA) Inc, held it's Annual General Meeting. Various topics were discussed including the tabling of the dojo reports from the respective instructors, plus the Presidents and Treasurers reports. The National Executive positions were declared vacant, nominations from the floor were called and new elections were conducted. The following were nominated and elected to the National Executive Committee for 2015/2016:

  • President: Des Paroz
  • Vice President: Tony Fletcher
  • Treasurer: Jim Griffin
  • Secretary: Lesley Griffin
  • Councillor: Max Estens
The Vice President (in absence of the President) thanked the members for their continued support of the Executive. Following a good training schedule and the AGM, the day was capped off by an excellent meal at the local surf club establishment.


Saturday's start at 0615 had us doing Ten Chi Jin with Sensei Dean on the foreshore while the dolphins and dugongs swum in the water in front of us. After a hearty breakfast the formal camp started with the official welcomes and bow in by Kyoshi Jim Griffin and Shihan Max Estens. The mornings activities consisted of a revision program of our syllabus incorporating demos by everyone plus demonstrations by those Yudansha as they fulfilled their grading requirements throughout the day.

The afternoon training continued and then moved into the Yudansha grading and we are pleased to announce the following: 

  • Dean McKernan promoted to Yondan, 4th Degree Black Belt and awarded the Title of "Tasshi"
  • Anne Kratzmann promoted to Nidan, 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Dee Foster, promoted to Nidan, 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Olivia Grech, promoted to Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt
  • Deji Balogun, promoted to Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt
  • Leisa Dunmore, promoted to Probationary Black Belt (Shodan Ho)
  • Eugenie Martin, promoted to Probationary Black Belt (Shodan Ho) 

Additionally, we also congratulate Sempai Terry Allen from the Shishikan Dojo as the 2015 recipient for the "Karateka of the Year award.

After a full day of training, grading, promotions, awards and presentations, the group settled into some fine cuisine of pizza and beer. It is always fantastic to be together as a group in a social setting as people share their stories, relate past events, be able to spend time with others from different dojo and develop stronger bonds of camaraderie and friendship. This is our Shorinjiryu family.


Sunday saw another early start before breakfast revisiting Sankakutobi Shodan Ichi on the foreshore. Back in the dojo, the continuation of our syllabus revision included kata Seisan an extended session of Sankakutobi kata and a spirited Randori Ni. At the end of our Sunday training session and lunch, it was time to sign off for another year and prepare for the journey back home.

It is the sign of enthusiastic training and the enjoyment of being with our fellow Koshinkai Karateka, when the end of the training camp looms upon us, people were not in a hurry to leave. Good byes are always sad but there were a lot of smiles and hugs as people bonded after a great training camp. We all look forward to the next one.

A special thanks to the instructors for their help, to those organisers who made the camp happen and of course to all the students for coming along and putting their best foot forward. Everyone take a bow and a big round of applause. See you all next camp.


Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Qld Training Clinic

Sunday 7th Dec 2014 - members from Kazoku Dojo in Murgon, Shishikan Dojo in Brisbane and from the local Seiryukan dojo on Bribie Island, attended the last Qld Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karate training clinic for 2014.

The day started off with Tasshi Tony taking the group through kata Nijushiho, focusing on the individual movements and technical aspects of the kata. Everyone got the chance to demonstrate the kata, especially those grading. The lesson finished up with Sensei Leanne showing us her technical skill as she performed the kata for the cameras.

Kyoshi Jim and Tasshi Tony then took everyone through Gokyo no Kumite, concentrating on the Five (5) Te Waza's, Dai Ikkyo - Nikyo - Sankyo - Yonkyo and Gokyo. Again, individual movements and explanations were the main focus here including pressure points which Kyoshi “happily" demonstrated on Tasshi Tony.

Kyoshi Jim finished the days training leading the group through one of his favourite kata's, Sanchin. Time was spent understanding the moves, paying particular attention to Ashi Sabaki (footwork) of the kata. A very interesting lesson.

Throughout the day, students got the chance to "volunteer" and demonstrate what they learnt in the lessons in front of Kyoshi Jim, Shihan Lesley and Tasshi Tony.

The day finished off with a Mudansha grading with Teagan Divljak and Annabelle Dennien from the Kazoku Dojo being promoted to 1st Kyu and Naomi DeLacy from the Shishikan Dojo being promoted to 7th Kyu. Congratulations also goes to Mickey Shi from the Shishikan Dojo who had earlier been promoted to 8th Kyu.

A great days training enjoyed by all, finishing off a great year in our Shorinjiryu Koshinkai family.

We wish to thank all the students for their enthusiastic efforts during 2014. You make it all worth while. A thank you to the Instructors as well, for working tirelessly, keeping up with your learning, teaching your students and supporting the organisation.

The attached photo shows the Instructors with the students that graded
Back Row L-R    - Sensei Leanne, Naomi De Lacy, Sensei Glenn
Middle Row L-R - Shihan Lesley, Sensei Anne, Teagan Divljak, Annabelle Dennien
Front Row L-R   - Kyoshi Jim, Tasshi Tony