Yudansha Promotions March 2006


At the National Training Camp on 18/19 March at Margate in Brisbane, 9 people successfully completed their various requirements and received black belt level promotions in Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo.


Congratulations to the following successful recipients whose advancement was as a result of great progress made through diligent study of Shorinjiryu Karatedo.


Promoted to Shodan-Ho (Probationary Black Belt)

  • Amanda Bugden (Seiryukan Dojo)
  • Dean McKernan (Kensuukan Dojo)

Promoted to Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt)

  • Trevor Casini (Kensuukan Dojo)
  • Jason Romer (Shishikai Dojo)

Promoted to Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt)

  • Luisa Coleman (Seiryukan Dojo)
  • Tony Fletcher (Shishikai Dojo)
  • Trevor Maher (Kensuikai Dojo)
  • Krystal Sciacca (Torakai Dojo)
  • Mark Slingo (Yagizakai Dojo)

We expect these recipients to strive for event greater perfection in the future.


First Session at New Home of Seiryukan Dojo

On Wednesday 22 February, the first training session was held at the new location for the Seiryukan Dojo, in Burpengary, Qld, the home dojo of Shihan Jim and Tashi Lesley Griffin.

A number of yudansha (black belt holders) from the Seiryukan and other Shorinjiryu dojo were in attendance, including Tashi Des Paroz (Kengokai Dojo), Sensei Dave Holmberg, Sensei Luisa Colman (Seiryukan), Sensei Tony Fletcher (Shishikai Dojo) and Sensei Jason Romer (Shishikai Dojo).


The session consisted of a vigorous warm-up, basics and drills session (Sensei Dave Holmberg), followed by a review of the kata Ananku and some key bunkai (applications) from it (Tashi Des).


Congratulations to Shihan Jim and Tashi Lesley on the new location, and best wishes to all members of Seiryukan for their continued development in a new home!


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