Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo Grading Syllabus

Requirements to learn prior to promotion to the next level

Grading To Kata Yakusoku Kumite Gokyo no Kumite Other Minimum Time
Hakkyu (8)
Yellow Belt
Naihanchin Sho

  Self Defense
1st Group (Naihanchin Sho Waza)
3 months
20 lessons 
Rokkyu (6)
Orange Belt
Wankan Renshu Ichi   Self Defense
2nd Group
3 months
20 lessons
Yonkyu (4)
Green Belt
Renshu Ni Dai Ikkyo - Te & Ashi Waza
Self Defense
3rd Group
3 months
20 lessons
Sankyu (3)
Green Belt
Naihanchin Dai
Randori Go
Dai Nikyo - Te & Ashi Waza Jiyu Kumite 3 months
20 lessons
Nikyu (2)
Brown Belt
Bassai; and
Gorin no Bo
Randori Ni Dai Sankyo - Te & Ashi Waza Jiyu Kumite 6 months
40 lessons
Ikkyu (1)
Brown/Black Tip

Seisan; and
Kudaka no Jo

Review Dai Yonkyo - Te & Ashi Waza Bogu Kumite 9 months
60 lessons 
Shodan Ho/
Junior Black Belt
Sanchin; and
Nijushiho no Sai
Sanchin no Waza Dai Gokyo - Te & Ashi Waza Bogu Kumite 9 months
60 lessons
1st Dan Black Belt
Demonstration of choice

1 Year
2nd Dan Black Belt

Kusanku Sho; and
Shishiryu no Bo

Sankakutobi Shodan Ichi

2 Years
3rd Dan Black Belt
Chinto; and
Ufuchiku no Jo
Naihanchin no Waza
Sai Bo no Waza 

3 Years
4th Dan Black Belt
Sochin; and
Gokyoku no Ken
Sankakutobi Nidan Ni

4 Years
5th Dan Black Belt
Kusanku Dai Sankakutobi Sandan Series

5 Years


Please note: 

  • Items listed at lower levels may be required at examiners discretion.
  • The decision as to when when a student is ready for grading is made by the student's instructor.
  • Remember, Spiritual Development of Individuality in Mind and Body means that each student progresses at his or her own speed. Therefore, some students may grade quicker than others. The times shown are minimum times, and some may require more time to develop their technique prior to a grading
  • To attain the Shodan level, students must continue to be commited to training and teaching Shorinjiryu Karatedo for at least one year after being granted Shodan Ho.