Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Qld Training Clinic

Sunday 7th Dec 2014 - members from Kazoku Dojo in Murgon, Shishikan Dojo in Brisbane and from the local Seiryukan dojo on Bribie Island, attended the last Qld Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karate training clinic for 2014.

The day started off with Tasshi Tony taking the group through kata Nijushiho, focusing on the individual movements and technical aspects of the kata. Everyone got the chance to demonstrate the kata, especially those grading. The lesson finished up with Sensei Leanne showing us her technical skill as she performed the kata for the cameras.

Kyoshi Jim and Tasshi Tony then took everyone through Gokyo no Kumite, concentrating on the Five (5) Te Waza's, Dai Ikkyo - Nikyo - Sankyo - Yonkyo and Gokyo. Again, individual movements and explanations were the main focus here including pressure points which Kyoshi “happily" demonstrated on Tasshi Tony.

Kyoshi Jim finished the days training leading the group through one of his favourite kata's, Sanchin. Time was spent understanding the moves, paying particular attention to Ashi Sabaki (footwork) of the kata. A very interesting lesson.

Throughout the day, students got the chance to "volunteer" and demonstrate what they learnt in the lessons in front of Kyoshi Jim, Shihan Lesley and Tasshi Tony.

The day finished off with a Mudansha grading with Teagan Divljak and Annabelle Dennien from the Kazoku Dojo being promoted to 1st Kyu and Naomi DeLacy from the Shishikan Dojo being promoted to 7th Kyu. Congratulations also goes to Mickey Shi from the Shishikan Dojo who had earlier been promoted to 8th Kyu.

A great days training enjoyed by all, finishing off a great year in our Shorinjiryu Koshinkai family.

We wish to thank all the students for their enthusiastic efforts during 2014. You make it all worth while. A thank you to the Instructors as well, for working tirelessly, keeping up with your learning, teaching your students and supporting the organisation.

The attached photo shows the Instructors with the students that graded
Back Row L-R    - Sensei Leanne, Naomi De Lacy, Sensei Glenn
Middle Row L-R - Shihan Lesley, Sensei Anne, Teagan Divljak, Annabelle Dennien
Front Row L-R   - Kyoshi Jim, Tasshi Tony




Due to work related commitments, Koshinkai were unable to hold a National Black Belt (BB) training camp for 2014. So as to not miss out, Qld held it’s own BB camp with NSW/VIC holding theirs at a later date.

Black and Brown belt members from Seiryukan, Shishikan, Kensuikan and Kazoku dojos in Qld, converged on Bribie Island Saturday 13th Sept. Instruction over the weekend by Kyoshi Jim, Shihan Lesley and Tasshi Tony covered Kata, Yakusoku Kumite, Bukiho, Kansetsu waza and Shime waza.

Training commenced with Kyoshi Jim taking the group through Sanchin Waza assisted by Sensei Dee followed by Kyoshi working everyone through Sanchin kata.

Kyoshi Jim with Tasshi Tony then took everyone through the A-Z of Pain (Renzoku Kansetsu Waza) with roles reversed as Tasshi Tony then followed with a session on strangulation (Renzoku Shime waza)

Kyoshi Jim and Shihan Lesley continued instruction with Randori Ni and finishing the day, Kyoshi Jim and Tasshi Tony took the group through Sai Bo Randori.

A full day of training incorporating demonstrations on all lessons, saw the group head away tired but happy for a great meal at a local restaurant.

Sunday mornings training started on beautiful Banksia Beach with Tasshi Tony taking the group through Shishiryu no Bo. Kyoshi Jim then followed with a Kumite lesson on the Sankakutobi Sandan series.

Moving back to the training hall, the group moved into Sankakutobi kata lead by Shihan Lesley and the mornings training finishing with Kyoshi Jim taking everyone through Gokyo no Ken.

The day finished with a kyu grading that saw Leisa Dunmore from Seiryukan Dojo grading to 1st Kyu and Terry Allen from Shishikan Dojo grading to 2nd Kyu. Both students acquitted themselves extremely well deserving their promotions.

It was a great weekend of learning and re-learning. Everyone came to train hard and learn all was the enthusiasm and focus of the students on the day and that makes it all worthwhile.

Photos will follow so keep an eye out on this page



Members from Seiryukan, Shishikan and Kazoku dojos attended the Qld training clinic on Bribie Island today. Unfortunately Sensei Mark from Kensuikan dojo in Rockhampton was unable to attend due to a back injury.

The days training was kicked off with Shihan Lesley taking the group through Naihanchin no waza with “volunteers” demonstrating what they had reviewed at the end of the lesson.

Tasshi Tony with Sempai Shane as his uke, then took the class through Tanbo Goshinjutsu, the self defence group linked to Nijushiho kata. During this session, Sensei Leanne demonstrated the relevant section from Nijushiho kata correlating to the tanbo self defence moves.

Sensei Leanne then took the whole class through all aspects of Nijushiho kata for the next training period.

Kyoshi Jim and Tasshi Tony then took everyone through Sanchin waza step by step. The group relished learning something different and took great delight in watching Tasshi Tony being subjected to some rather intense attention to his radial nerve as Kyoshi Jim demonstrated how this worked, over and over and…… well you get the point, Tasshi Tony certainly did.

The day finished with a kyu grading that saw:

Mikayla Macey from Seiryukan Dojo promoted to 2nd Kyu

Teagan Divljak from Kazoku Dojo promoted to 2nd Kyu

Bethany Jones from Seiryukan promoted to 8th Kyu

It was a great training day learning something new or revising something current but best of all was the enthusiasm and focus of the students on the day and that makes it all worthwhile.

Domo arigato



The 2014 Shorinjiryu Koshinkai National Training Camp commenced on Friday the 28th March with a training session for the Brown and Black belt karateka. After the welcomes and bow in, Shihan Estens and Sensei McKernan took everyone through Sankakutobi Shodan Ichi. Shihan Paroz then took the group through a very informative session on Bunkai Theory.

Following on, Shihan Paroz lead us all into an in-depth lesson on Tanbo Self Defence which has been introduced for our 4th Kyu grading. Shihan Estens then took the group through Sai kata to finish off a full training session in very hot and humid conditions

After cleaning up, we all met for a joint evening meal and held our AGM.  Various topics were discussed and the following personnel were elected to the National Executive Committee:

President                Shihan Des Paroz

Vice President         Tasshi Tony Fletcher

Treasurer                Kyoshi Jim Griffin

Secretary                Shihan Lesley Griffin

Councilor                Shihan Max Estens

Saturday kicked off with the Shodan-ho candidates, under the watchful eye of Shihan Lesley Griffin, take the early morning session of kata Naihanchin no sho. After breakfast, Kyoshi Griffin and Shihan Estens officially welcomed everyone to the National Camp. Members came from Kennankan in Melbourne, Kensuukan in Coonabarabran, Kengokan in Sydney, Shishikan in Brisbane, Kazoku in Murgon, Kensuikan in Rockhampton and of course the students from Seiryukan Bribie Island.

The days’ events went straight into Wankan Waza with Kyoshi Griffin and Tasshi Fletcher followed by Wankan kata taken by Kyoshi Griffin and Shihan Lesley Griffin. Renshi Bowden then took the whole group through a fighting strategy session that was informative and realistic. The shodan-ho candidates followed with demonstrations and part of their grading.

After lunch Shihan Paroz and Shihan Estens introduced Tanbo Goshinjutsu no Waza that is now part of the syllabus for grading to 4th Kyu Green Belt. This was an exciting inclusion in our training and was welcomed with much enthusiasm by everyone. Kyoshi Griffin and Shihan Estens took the group through Randori Go followed by a lesson from Shihan Estens on Ten Chi Jin San Nin Kumite. Open floor practice time was given to all

Shodan-ho Candidates

The Shodan-ho candidates then performed more grading material and after continual grading demonstrations throughout Friday and Saturday, Olivia Grech and Deji Balgun were awarded their shodan-ho much to the delight of everyone there but especially to their instructor Tasshi Marnie Roberts who wasn’t able to hold back tears of joy.

The Presentations for Black Belt of the Year (BBOTY) and the newly introduced Karateka of the Year (KOTY) were then made.

Black Belt of the Year                   Sensei Anne Kratzman

Sensei Kratzman (mother of Sensei Leanne Sippel) has been instrumental in keeping the Kazoku Dojo going and providing support while Sensei Sippel is finishing her degree.

Karateka of the Year                    Sempai James Quaglino

Sempai Quaglino has been a very hard worker overcoming personal difficulties to achieve his Brown Belt and see’s his Black Belt grading as the next personal goal and achievement. He is strong supporter in the dojo and is always willing to help wherever he can.

After dinner and all presentations and awards were finished, group photos were taken and a very happy group of karateka went home around 9pm.


Sunday morning saw another early pre-breakfast session taken by Shihan Paroz, Shihan Estens and Sensei McKernan who introduced the “Koshinkai Fitness Test” designed to bring a minimum level of fitness to Yudansha personnel who will be required to pass this as part of their grading.

The fitness test covers upper and middle strength plus aerobic exercise and was welcomed with much enthusiasm by everyone. Groups of people conducted this test with Shihan Paroz showing the way by leading from the front. While this has been introduced at Yudansha level, the interest shown by all the Mudansha, may see a natural progression for this fitness test to be part of the complete grading syllabus.

Shihan Paroz and Shihan Estens continued on with the Tanbo Goshinjutsu no Waza breaking down the moves and explaining both Omote and Ura Waza applications. Such was the interest in this program; extended time was given allowing the students to practice more.

The last part of the training camp was dedicated to Kata Nijushiho going through every aspect, understanding the techniques and the correlation to the waza application. Everyone saw and felt the benefits of learning the waza and applications to better understanding the kata

An excellent training camp, well organized and executed. Everyone gave 100% focus with high levels of enthusiasm. It was very apparent that the camaraderie continues to grow as our small but dedicated group shows how closely knitted our family is.

Congratulations to the well deserved recipients, Instructors of the day, the National Executive, the Chief Instructors and most of all the students who trained diligently and hard.


Shorinjiryu Qld Training Clinic

 An excellent Qld training clinic was held at Bribie Island Sunday 1st March. Members from Seiryukan, Shishikan and Kensuikan attended. A special note goes to Sensei Mark Slingo who drove down from Rockhampton in the early hours of the morning to train and drove back again.

Instruction was by Tasshi Tony with Sensei Mark as his uke with assistance by Kyoshi Jim. The days activities started out with a resounding warm up with Sensei Dee taking us through a myriad of warm up exercises. People were paired up and shuttle runs required touching the mat at each end with a finger while the other person was performing exercises, it was really strange that Kyoshi Jim found it difficult to actually touch the mat while his partner Tasshi Tony was in the push up hold position......

The training consisted of an in depth study and application of the self defence (goshinjutsu) moves from group two of the syllabus, directly correlating to the applications of kata Wankan. The group rotated during the day ensuring that everyone had an opportunity to practice with everyone. The training was broken up into sections of the applications then performing that part of the kata. It was a very informative session enjoyed by all.

At the end of each session, the students demonstrated to the class the applications they had learnt. The day finished with each student demonstrating the full self defence applications and then the complete kata of Wankan. Congratulations to everyone for an enthusiastic training day in hot humid conditions.

We all look forward to the National Training camp weekend in 4 weeks time at the end of March.